Friday, April 06, 2007


OK, sorry. I broke my penitence for this Holy Week that I will not surf the net for four days starting yesterday. Maybe I'm not that good in making sacrifices. Or I am just bored at home surrounded by my makukulit na nephews. Or I need to do something aside from eating. Oh well...

Things that I learned this past few weeks.

1. A Medical Exam is a pain in the ass, literally.

2. Im colorblind, and it's official.

3. It's bad being too concerned to someone to the point you worry too much and can't sleep.

4. Kalderetang baka is delicious.

5. One of my dreams may come true. It is all about ending the academic year with a bang.

Look ! I can't believe this! First time in history! An average student who will become a university scholar! C'mon c'mon!

Sorry, first time. Malay mo, bagsak pala kami sa thesis (heaven forbid). Pero ang galing noh? Sorry, excited. Akala ko kasi tres ako sa Socio10. Hehe...overwhelmed ako masyado. Tumataas ang blood pressure ko. Aaargh!

Dahil dyan, may bago akong motto: Masarap ang bawal.

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tristanjed said...

Super congrats! Umaariba ah!