Thursday, April 26, 2007

feeling vista

Dahil wala akong magawa kahapon, at bago pa man ako tambakan ng trabaho ngayong araw, nagpakasaya muna ako sa pagdodownload ng mga software para pagandahin ang aking desktop.

I'm using WinXP. At dahil naiinggit ako sa ibang officemates na Vista ang gamit, naghanap ako ng themes para magmukhang Vista ang aking desktop. I used StyleXP. Eto ang
finished product.

O diba. parang totoo. Got the wallpaper sa na madami ding themes, wallpapers etc. AT may option pa and styleXP na gawing transparent ang toolbar at start menu.

Haha! halata bang wala akong ginagawa sa office? Ngayon lang yan. Ididiscuss na kasi sakin ang workload ko mamaya. Magsisimula na ang totoong laban! (weh?!)

my worst morning yet

I arrived at the GMA/Kamuning Station at around 7:15.
One of the trains stopped for approximately 20 minutes. I managed to get in at around 7:40.
My work starts at 8:30. Nothing can go wrong...I can arrive on time.
The train is slow. Stopped twice along the way. Arrived at the Buendia Station at around 8:15.
15 minutes left...
A crowd of 30+ people is waiting at the FX/Bus Stop. Great!
My watch is 10 minutes advance. It's already 8:30 on my watch. I started to panic.
I shoved people in front of me just to get in the bus. Thanks to me they got in.
Traffic at Ayala Avenue. the minute hand is slowly approaching the number 9...(ay, wala palang number ang watch ko.hehe...)
I dashed towards the underpass and inside the building. I hope I'm not late.
The time in terminal. I hurriedly entered my Employee #.
The line of text registered on screen...

26 April 2007 8:32 AM Renz Darnell Noble Access Entry Granted

I'm 2 minutes late. Fun!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kamusta naman?!

As in kamusta talaga.

I have only 90 minutes of surfing time sa ibang mga sites (except yahoo mail, gmail and meebo na unlimited).

Blocked ang friendster at youtube.

Ako lang ang bagong employee sa floor namin (loner mode).

Other than that, I'm lovin' it.

Mababait ang mga tao, wala pang mapapel na tao, OK ang temperature, and many more nice things.

I survived the first week of work, sana makasurvive pa sa sobrang crucial ng gagawin kong program...

kamusta naman?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


For the past days and weeks I have experienced the hardships an employee must endure for his/her first job ever. After signing a centimeter thick of forms from my selected company (anu kaya yun?), marami pa pala ang kailangan gawin. Mabuti nagawa ko na yung iba weeks before.

Physical Exam
Siyempre alam ko purpose nito: make sure that the company employs healthy people in order to lessen health expenditures in case teh employee became sick. Hehe...

This is actually my third time having a medical exam. Pero tinamaan ako ng kaba kasi marami akong narinig na scary things about company medical exams. The worst is the "papatuwarin" at "sasalatin". At totoo pala lahat yun, and a lot more! Haha. Also, I had to spend 3000 pesos worth of dental prophylaxis (read:cleaning) and permanent filling (read:pasta sa ngipin). 3000 PESOS! Ang mom ko kasi, sa Healthway The Block branch nagpapacheck-up ng libre (sosyal!). Eh dun na din ako nagpa-cleaning at nagpa-pasta. Ayun, naubos pera namin. May 15% discount pa yun ha! T.T

Pabalik balik ako sa clinic for 4 days because of my blood pressure na hindi nakikipagcooperate sa akin. Ngarag naman kasi ako sa lakad papunta dun. Tsaka siguro dahil may LBM ako nung pumunta ako one time...Anyways, I passed the medical exam siguro because I will start on April 16. It's good that they are allowing color blind individuals to work in their company (damn that kookaburra, chorva, whatever, test for colorblindness!).

NBI clearance
Yesterday is the start of my kalbaryo towards completing my employment requirements. I arrived 10AM sa NBI-Plaridel Branch and I got my NBI clearance at around 2PM. That was quick. Computerized na siguro. And I have to go to Makati to fill up the other forms for my employment. Sumakit talaga ulo ko, 1 hour akong nag fill-up ng forms. My hands...My G-Tec ballpen...My stomach...huhuhu...

SSS, TIN, pictures
TIN is easy, online reg. Daanan na lang yung card sometime. SSS daw talaga ang ngarag. I have to choose: SSS East Ave or sa Bulacan. I have to choose Bulacan, since palagi akong dumadaan sa East Ave seeing all those swarm of individuals falling in line. Baka sa Bulacan mas konti ang tao. For those ID pictures, madali na lang yun.

apartment/boarding house/bed spacer anyone?
One of the reasons I want to work early is because I want to get out of my sister's apartment because of the people there and the dog. kinagat ba naman ako ng hinayupak! Hindi na tuloy flawless legs ko. Since I didn't have my independence in my college life, this time is the best time kasi may sweldo na ako.Harhar...

I am supposed to have my housemates at magre-rent kami ng apartment. Pero Teejay is in Ortigas. Si Jerry, hindi ko pa alam. I am in Makati. So hiwa-hiwalay. Kaya i'm considering kahit bed spacer lang. Or boarding house. Pero napapansin ko lang, bakit puro "LADY BEDSPACER: INQUIRE INSIDE" lagi kong nakikita? Dahil kaya may manyakis na may-ari sa loob?hmmm...

April 16. A start of a new chapter in my life...chos!

Yeah right. Here I come, PS3, PSP and iPOD! Ay oo nga pala, don't count the chickens!*

* - Mali talaga yan. Hindi ako tanga. Ang tama ay "don't count the chicks before they hatch." o ha, o ha!

Friday, April 06, 2007


OK, sorry. I broke my penitence for this Holy Week that I will not surf the net for four days starting yesterday. Maybe I'm not that good in making sacrifices. Or I am just bored at home surrounded by my makukulit na nephews. Or I need to do something aside from eating. Oh well...

Things that I learned this past few weeks.

1. A Medical Exam is a pain in the ass, literally.

2. Im colorblind, and it's official.

3. It's bad being too concerned to someone to the point you worry too much and can't sleep.

4. Kalderetang baka is delicious.

5. One of my dreams may come true. It is all about ending the academic year with a bang.

Look ! I can't believe this! First time in history! An average student who will become a university scholar! C'mon c'mon!

Sorry, first time. Malay mo, bagsak pala kami sa thesis (heaven forbid). Pero ang galing noh? Sorry, excited. Akala ko kasi tres ako sa Socio10. Hehe...overwhelmed ako masyado. Tumataas ang blood pressure ko. Aaargh!

Dahil dyan, may bago akong motto: Masarap ang bawal.