Thursday, April 26, 2007

my worst morning yet

I arrived at the GMA/Kamuning Station at around 7:15.
One of the trains stopped for approximately 20 minutes. I managed to get in at around 7:40.
My work starts at 8:30. Nothing can go wrong...I can arrive on time.
The train is slow. Stopped twice along the way. Arrived at the Buendia Station at around 8:15.
15 minutes left...
A crowd of 30+ people is waiting at the FX/Bus Stop. Great!
My watch is 10 minutes advance. It's already 8:30 on my watch. I started to panic.
I shoved people in front of me just to get in the bus. Thanks to me they got in.
Traffic at Ayala Avenue. the minute hand is slowly approaching the number 9...(ay, wala palang number ang watch ko.hehe...)
I dashed towards the underpass and inside the building. I hope I'm not late.
The time in terminal. I hurriedly entered my Employee #.
The line of text registered on screen...

26 April 2007 8:32 AM Renz Darnell Noble Access Entry Granted

I'm 2 minutes late. Fun!

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