Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can you spell boredom?

I can't write inspiration whatsoever...waaaaah!

BTW, PBB is back! But only 6 housemates entered. Bummer. The other housemates are scheduled to arrive this week. probably on Saturday? Hindi ba unfair sa iba yun kasi mas marami ng exposure yung naunang 6? oh well...So far, no early bets. A UP Maroon is expected to go inside the house:Bruce Quebral, the "basketball hunk" daw from the teasers is entering the house this week. Siya raw yung nasa revicon commercial...kebs.

AI is also back! But unlike before that there are obvious standouts, wala akong makita ngayon. I'm rooting for Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks (for the girls) Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh (for the guys). I'm guessing a girl will win this season, and the pattern will be more evident. (girl-guy-girl-girl-guy-?)

My life is boring right now. Thank God for reality TV!...and Grey's Anatomy of course.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I hate Socio10!

Bakit ko ba kinuha tong subject na to? Grrr...

So many terms. So many ideas. So few hot classmates. So many readings. And that exam? So long. Dapat nag Anthro10 or SocSci3 na lang ako. kung hindi ko lang to kailangang kailangan, idodrop ko na ito.

Ok tama na. Baka masira lang araw ko. May interview pa naman ako mamaya. Interview na naman?! Mabuti nalabhan na mga pants at polo ko.Weee!

I'm officially addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I am still finishing Season 2, then I will buy (or download) Season 3 and store it in a DVD. Bakit nga ba ako na-addict dito? Ung E.R. naman hindi ko masyadong sinubaybayan. Hindi ko type yung Scrubs. I also like House pero wala akong makitang DVD. Maybe it's the medical cases (pero mas OK ang cases ng House) and the relationships between the interns, residents and attendings. And I also like the characters (Christina Yang and Miranda Bailey!). And maybe I can relate to George's character.hehe...

And also, last Saturday is the best Saturday of my entire life!!! :D

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Law of Compensation

The law of compensation states that a lack of one aspect or thing in your life is equalized with the abundance of another.

A rich but broken family
An intelligent but psychotic student
Person with good looks, but with a bitchy attitude

Someone who has all the love he can give, yet no one to accept love from...

Friday, February 09, 2007

happy feet, sad feet

Yesterday is the most stressful day of my entire life. More stressful than making my way through Recto. Ok, maybe it is as stressful as making my way through Recto. Imagine, two interviews in a day, both on different locations, add to that Ayala's sea of people in the MRT station, my aching feet and my grumbling tummy. And what do you get? Renz, ten pounds lighter. Haha... I wish!

It all started right after the moment I stepped out of our house's door. I'm still wearing my ONE AND ONLY pair of leather shoes. Leather shoes with no extra padding or cushion to support my 120 pound body. (Haha... I wish!) Add a pair of socks, VERY THIN pair of socks. Its like I'm not wearing any shoes at all. OK, good start for a very long day full of walking.

I'm late na for my first subject kaya I decided to surf the net muna in our Department before going to Ayala. (hehe...hindi napigilang mag-Tagalog. Nyahaha!)

*Fast forward to _____ building after the interview*

It's past 12, and I just finished my interview in the largest mobile telecom company in the Philippines (clue: hindi yan ang sim ko.hehe...) It's quite OK. Handled the interview very well, and met a couple of CoE students from Mapua. By the way, its UST interview week in that company, kaya out of place ako. Last week pa kasi ininterview yung mga taga-UP. Then, I was asked to return at 2 PM. But I have another interview in Ortigas at 4 PM and I am afraid that I may not be able to make it. So I rescheduled my next interview for next week.

My initial plan is to go to Megamall and eat my lunch there after my first interview. But, TJ texted me and suggested na ituloy na ang interview sa _____ (siguro naman alam niyo na tong company na ito) dahil less than an hour lang naman daw yun. He had the interview with the same company last week and guess what. They offered a job to him already! Galeng, congrats! Hemingwayz, I was already at the Ayala MRT station at the time I decided to go back to S____ to have my interview right after eating my lunch at Burger King. At parang nagmahal na ang BK, nalagasan tuloy ako ng 150 pesos. Grrr...

At that time, minumura na talaga ako ng mga paa ko sa sakit. When I arrived at S---- and asked the receptionist if the interview will take a while, she said yes. If I pass the first interview, there is a second one, then a third. Tuloy tuloy daw dapat. And that means I will not make it to my next interview if I continued. Stupid me, I should have asked that question earlier. Now my feet are really on a strike.

*Fast forward to my second interview in Ortigas*

I arrived earlier than scheduled, so there is some time to relax my feet, get it out from those darn shoes (my feet doesn't smell, don't worry) and get ready for my TECHNICAL interview. This is no ordinary interview. From what I have heard from others who applied at the same company, they will give you a hard problem and solve it by making a code on paper. Well, the problem is not that hard really. It's just like our MP in CS180. But I added too many things in the code and I should have done a simpler and better approach. But that's ok, I've defended myself very well.

After that tiring hell of a day, a nice share of blended coffee should keep my sanity intact. Parang pilay na ako maglakad pagkalabas ng PSE building, pero kinaya ko pa rin para lang makapag-kape. A Brownie Javakula from Seattle's is the best thing for the job to recover the lost calories or Adenosine Triphosphate or whatever. No Starbucks anytime soon because of that silly little planner.

Things to buy:
- something that will make my shoes softer
- THICK socks
- stored value ticket (pero bakit parang sold out palagi?grrr...)
- extra black and ????? pants (I don't know the color, I'm sorry)
- A cool polo (from G2000. Sale sila hanggang Feb 20. 40% off!)
- A shirt from oxygen (my official outfit sponsor. ganda talaga ng mga shirts nila)
- perfume/cologne/whatever pampabango (because I'm always borrowing the perfume at the sala without permission)
- a valentine's gift for myself. A love doll maybe. haha! joke.

Starting now, I will be using larger fonts. =)

Monday, February 05, 2007

blog overhaul + plugging

As you can see, iba na ang itsura ng blog ko. Got this from blogskins. Ang mahirap lang ay editing many lines of HTML and CSS code pero ok lang naman. I had what I want.

At siyempre mahirap din na magisip ng mga title ng bawat part ng blog. Naubos ang creative juices ko. And see the header? Ako gumawa niyan. Kahit na medyo may pagka-amateurish looking. First time kong gumawa ng header.hehe...

Ayoko sanang gawing medyo madrama ang tagline ng aking blog pero yun yata ang uso ngayong papalapit na ang balentayms.haay..


Figure 1. Project namin sa CS196 (Project Manager ako kaya dapat succesful). For UP CS students only.

Figure 2. UP FAIR, LOVERAGE. Feb 13, UP Sunken Garden (isa yung org ko sa organizers.)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Hunter

I shouldn't have gone to the University Job Fair...well at some part of the Bahay ng Alumni. Call centers have been calling me for me to apply as a call center representative. I said...what! I've applied for a technical job in their company and now you are hiring me for a job answering calls from enraged customers. No way! I have nothing against call centers, nothing really (aside from the fact that my fungus-faced brother-in-law that I hate and despise so much works in a call center). But at least look at my job preference, its a column in your freaking sign-up sheet. Grrr...

Okay, I will stop na. I'm beginning to sound like him. All of this job hunting is sucking (what a word!) all the energy, money and time from me.

So why am I applying for so many jobs but in the end, you will only choose one from the ones that accepted you? Collect and Select? Maybe. Siguro sigurista lang talaga ako. Sigurista lang talaga tayo.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


in partnership with


Campus Radio 97.1 WLS FM
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Victoria Court HIV Awareness Organization
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Spread the Love Not the Virus
UP FAIR 2007

February 13, 2007 (Tuesday)
UP Sunken Garden
6:00 pm onwards
Tickets at P85 only


Orange and Lemons, Sugarfree, Spongecola, M.Y.M.P., 6Cyclemind, Hale, Callalily,
Updharmadown, Sandwich, Itchyworms, Mojofly, Kala, Blue Ketchup, Protein Shake
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Chubibo, Wanwurd, The Unknown


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For ticket reservations, contact:
ARVIN (09159983922)
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ROANNE (09274165431)
LEW (09158884055)

See you there!!!

Experience LOVE...
Experience RAGE...
Here's the UP Fair LEVERAGE!!!

Spread the Love Not the Virus