Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's keeping me busy?

Its more than a month (again) since my last blog post. SO what's keeping me busy? Wala. haha. Tinatamad lang ako gumawa ng blog entry. And I don't want to waste multiply's bandwidth and space for a survey/personality test/which [insert a thing/cartoon character/whatever here] are you? test. So I decided just to keep my mouth shut (or in this case, my mouse pointer away from the create new post link and my hands away from the keyboard. :))

Actually, I'm not that busy when it comes to my work. And I don't want to rant about my work because A.) there's nothing to complain about it (well, minsan. hehe) and B.) my teammates might read it (Hi guys!). So, no blog entry about work. Maybe I can talk about my inspiration while at work, but... nevermind. :D

I've been into a lot of things lately. Some of them are current addictions (don't worry. it's not drugs or something). Some are vacation trips, get togethers and concerts. And I am loving every bit of them.


I love Lost. :D

I'm an addict to some of the tv shows/series lately. Some of them are Lost (I like sci-fi adventure suspense stuff), House (Love the medical cases), The Office (I love the humor and the characters) and American Idol. Speaking of AI, I'm always hearing the usual "Most talented batch ever" line every season. oh c'mon. Season 4 is the best. No one can top that. But I like most of the contestants namely Michael, David C, Brooke and Ramiele.

BTW, I haven't finished those TV series yet even during my DVD marathon last Holy Week. sad. :(


our Maroon 5 tix. Malayo kami kina Adam eh kaya walang picture nila na malapit.

I have been into three: Loverage during the UP Fair, My Chemical Romance and Maroon 5. Loverage is good because it is free, same with MCR. But we enjoyed Maroon 5 more because I know a lot of their songs. Even though we are in the "dukha" section, we really enjoyed the experience.


picture taken in a cave in Long Beach. Pepoy made this shot, but it's my concept. :D

Lunch and dinner outs are the best ways of catching up to the lives of your long lost friends and batchmates. But out of town trips are the ultimate bonding activity there is. It's my first time in Puerto Galera last March 15-16 and it was a blast! The scenery is beautiful, the activities are exciting and most of all, the people with me are fun to be with. I really had a blast. Too bad we didn't experience the night life. But that's okay. The banana boat, hiking, snorkeling and island hopping were fun anyway.

Well, that's it. So far so good. Hope to have more lakwatsas in the weeks to come. And I will be celebrating my 1st work anniversary next month. So that means one thing: I'm working for a year now (duh!). I also hope to update my blog frequently to improve my blogging/writing skills. I also hope that I can buy an SLR camera and learn photography. So many things to little time. And money.