Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Hunter

I shouldn't have gone to the University Job Fair...well at some part of the Bahay ng Alumni. Call centers have been calling me for me to apply as a call center representative. I said...what! I've applied for a technical job in their company and now you are hiring me for a job answering calls from enraged customers. No way! I have nothing against call centers, nothing really (aside from the fact that my fungus-faced brother-in-law that I hate and despise so much works in a call center). But at least look at my job preference, its a column in your freaking sign-up sheet. Grrr...

Okay, I will stop na. I'm beginning to sound like him. All of this job hunting is sucking (what a word!) all the energy, money and time from me.

So why am I applying for so many jobs but in the end, you will only choose one from the ones that accepted you? Collect and Select? Maybe. Siguro sigurista lang talaga ako. Sigurista lang talaga tayo.

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