Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can you spell boredom?

I can't write inspiration whatsoever...waaaaah!

BTW, PBB is back! But only 6 housemates entered. Bummer. The other housemates are scheduled to arrive this week. probably on Saturday? Hindi ba unfair sa iba yun kasi mas marami ng exposure yung naunang 6? oh well...So far, no early bets. A UP Maroon is expected to go inside the house:Bruce Quebral, the "basketball hunk" daw from the teasers is entering the house this week. Siya raw yung nasa revicon commercial...kebs.

AI is also back! But unlike before that there are obvious standouts, wala akong makita ngayon. I'm rooting for Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks (for the girls) Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh (for the guys). I'm guessing a girl will win this season, and the pattern will be more evident. (girl-guy-girl-girl-guy-?)

My life is boring right now. Thank God for reality TV!...and Grey's Anatomy of course.

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