Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Sa wakas, may picture na rin ako with Oble. haha! May Urban Legend kasi na kumakalat na hindi nakakagraduate/madedelay ang sino man na nagpapicture kay Oble before graduation. Uto uto naman ako at sumunod ako. Haha! Woohoo!

100 years. And I only spent time with it for only 4 years.

100 years of rich history. And I only experienced a part of it.

100 years of excellence. And I opted to be mediocre at best. Not giving 100% to everything that I did in order to excel.

100 years of fun. And I had a share of it during my stay. Overnights, parties, UP Fair. The list goes on and on.

100 years of trials and hardships. And I complained even with a simple one. From unanswered problem assignments and missed concerts to subjects in the risk of failing.

100 years of friendships made. And even I met only less than a 100 friends on my 4 year stay, I know (and I hope) that our friendship will stay for more than a hundred years.

100 years. More than a hundred things that I love in this University. More than a hundred things to be proud of it.

Happy 100th year anniversary, University of the Philippines!

More pictures in my multiply site here.


the nomad said...

props to you for a brilliant post! UP does make us proud for its unending legacy of excellence and untarnished reputation.

ang dami nagpunta sa kick-off celebration no? and the fireworks were fantastic. =)

brainfreeze said...

^thanks. sobrang daming pumunta grabe. and the fireworks? the ebst I ever saw. :D