Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walang magawa sa office: The Videoke Champion edition

Kung wala kayong magawa (katulad ko.nyahaha!), hulaan kung saang kanta matatagpuan ang mga sumusunod na bahagi ng kanta. Ilagay sa comments page ang inyong mga sagot, kung anong kanta ito at kung sino ang kumanta.

Kung may balak kayong sagutan to, sana wala pong mandaya at isearch ang mga lyrics sa google. Mayroon akong paraan para maitrack kung nandaya kayo at i-disable ang inyong internet. Joke lang, no such thing. Basta walang dayaan, God knows Hudas not pay... Madali lang naman ito eh.Game? Game!

EDIT: May nakasagot kagad (galing mo Terrence!). Kung magsasagot kayo, iscroll down nyo na kagad yung comments para hindi nyo makita yung mga sagot. :)

1. Totoy makinig ka, wag kang magpagabi. Baka mapagkamalan ka at humandusay diyan sa tabi.

2. Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof.My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof

3. Morning has come another day. I must pack my bags and say goodbye. Goodbye.

4. And through it all, she offers me protection, a lot of love and affection whether I'm right or wrong.

5. So I guess the fortune teller's right. Should have seen just what was there and not some holy light.

6. Pinapanalangin lagi tayong magkasama. Hinihiling bawat oras kapiling ka.

7. All the girls wanna get with the boys, and the boys really like it.

8. And I believed in you although you never asked me to. I will remember you and what life put you through.

9. There's a magic running through your soul. But you can't have it all.

10. Can't you see it baby? You don't have to close your eyes, 'coz its standing right before you.

11. I just reach for you and I can reach the sky again.

12. My eyes on you reflects what's deep inside my heart. Your breath, it soothes me.

13. I remember when you said that you'll be here forever.

14. I tried to call the nurse again, but she's been a little bitch. I think I'll get out of here.

15. I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light. Wild horses ride unbridled or their spirit dies.

16. You pierced my emotional armour. Bolt of lightning couldn't hit me harder.

17. Would it be nice to get those words, "I love you", from the one that you love, that you love...

18. And now you've taken the world out of me. Oh, I'm left with my body hanging free.

19. So don't treat me like a puppet on a string. 'coz I know how to do my thing.

20. Frozen inside without your touch without your love darling. Only you are the life among the dead.

21. Three little birds, sat on my window. And they told me I don't need to worry.

22. Laugh for me. Cry for me. Pray for me. Lie for me. Live for me. Die for me.

23. Let's float, let's glide. Oooooh...Let's open up and go inside.

24. Can you tell me what you see whenever you look around? We're tripping all over ourselves and pulling each other down.

25. Kung iisipin mo, 'di naman dati'y ganito. Kay bilis kasi ng buhay, pati tayo natangay.

26. Can you imagine no first dance, freeze dried romance, five-hour phone conversation, the best soy latte that you ever had...and me.

27. I know that they say that some things are better left unsaid. It wasn't like you only talked to him and you know it.

28. What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?

29. Because of you, I forgot the smart ways to lie. Because of you, I'm running out of reasons to cry.

30. I know you want to hear me speak. But I'm afraid that if I start to, I'll never stop.



terrence said...

sali ako. hehe.

1. bamboo - tatsulok
2. sixpence none the richer - don't dream it's over
3. christian bautista - hands to heaven
4. robbie williams - angels
5. natalie imbruglia - torn
6. silent sanctuary - ikaw lamang
7. no doubt - hey baby
8. josh groban - you're still you
9. def leppard - two steps behind
10.savage garden - truly, madly, deeply
11. christina aguilera - i turn to you
12. paolo santos - close
13. ella mae saison - till my heartaches end
14. pink - just like a pill
15. mariah carey - butterfly
16. 911 - bodyshakin'
17. south border - wherever you are
18. session road - leaving you
19. mymp or bob marley - waiting in vain
20. evanescence - bring me to life
21. corinne bailey rae - put your record on
22. tina arena - burn
23. huey lewis and gwyneth paltrow - crusin'
24. Hanson - where's the love
25. sugarfree - burnout
26. train - drops of jupiter
27. justin timberlake - cry me a river
28. the zombies - time of the season
29. shakira - underneath your clothes
30. plus one - last flight out

that was fun. isa pa!

ps. pano ung ibang gustong magsagot, copy and paste na lang? hehe.

renz / renzy_benzy / Charlie Wonka Jr. said...

i already linked you na =)

Poytee said...

Susubok pa sana ako pero nasagutan niya na lahat. Hehehe.

Kenneth said...

I'm no videoke guy nga lang... :-(

terrence said...

uh oh, looks like i spoiled the fun. sagutan niyo pa rin. sayang naman ung effort ni renz.

brainfreeze said...

si terrence kasi ang galing eh!

don't worry, may part 2 naman to. hihirapan ko na! :)

CokskiBlue said...

I do not know most of these songs. haha! well alam ko naman pero iba pag binabasa mo lang yung lyrics.

brainfreeze said...

talaga?kapanahunan natin yung karamihan dito!hehe...

BTW, yung mga songs na yan galing sa playlist ko sa ITunes. Ngayon alam niyo na kung gaano kajologs yung ibang songs sa playlist ko. Bodyshakin' by 911 - kamusta naman?! Nyahahaha!

natre said...

just try :)

1. kanta ni bamboo 'to eh...
2. hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
3. hands to heaven
4. ---
5. ---
6. ---
7. :(
8. --
9. watever u do, i'l be 2 steps behind u.. blah blah blah...
11. i turn to you- chrstina aguilera
12. :(
13. :(
14. :(


27. cry me a river..
30. sa plus one 'toh eh...

waaaahhh yko na... :( pero gwa k pang iba... :)

brainfreeze said...


hehe...nice try. may part 2 na. post ko pag wala na akong ibang mapost.

Anonymous said...

napakanta ako dun sa Drops of Jupiter part. LOL.

brainfreeze said...

^ of my favorite songs. :)