Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kill joy


After experiencing freedom for two months, the sometimes bored office computer-user when no work is to be done(like moi) meets it's worst enemy (again), the dreaded Surf Control.

This thing/pest is said to be existent on companies where data security and integrity is top priority (like my company. sheeesh). Or they just don't want the employees to waste bandwidth by checking their officemates Friendster/Facebook profile or exchange messages through YM. Or they just don't want the common employees to waste precious bandwidth so that the IT-Sec personnel (that implements the Surf Control) will continue to play DoTA with minimum lag.

Gone are the days of Friendster, Facebook, Youtube, Multiply (gasp!) and YM that we experienced for two months (some say the license for the surf control ended last November). Even the proxies that let's you surf past the surf control is not working.

But they always say, if there's a will, there's a fortune! (corny). I have some tricks up my sleeve, I tell you. You will still continue to see me with an online status in YM. Without the dynamic status message of my currently playing song in my iTunes, of course.

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the nomad said...

buti pa samin, walang Surf Control.

Bandwidth is unlimited, torrents and downloads through the roof!