Monday, July 09, 2007

THE reason

Magyayabang muna ako ngayon. Nyahahaha!

Last week, I got my new phone: the Nokia N73 Music edition, which is my very first electronic gadget that I bought using my own money... well... actually... it isn't paid yet. A part of my salary will be deducted for 18 months in order to pay for the phone. That's 500+ pesos every "suweldo day", easily cancelled out by having a 4 hour overtime for every semi-month. Not bad.

After this, I am supposed to buy an iPod. But my new Nokia N73 phone said, "You don't need an iPod. You need me...only me." Ok, it didn't really talked, but seeing its features and realizing the more important things in life, I decided to erase the iPod from my wishlist. I can't believe I just did that, considering that I always drool over orgmates/classmates back in college who had one of those thin, bubblegum-like music players.

The reasons why I don't need an iPod:

1. Even having a 4GB+ music gallery and 2GB+ "video" gallery, I only have less than a gig of favorite songs and "videos", and the remaining songs are just plain jologs or "pinagsawaan ko na."

2. My N73 has a 2GB miniSD card with it, and as of now, it is still enough to hold my fave music and "videos" plus some downloaded themes and games.

3. I only spend 5 hours of "wireless/remote music listening". 3 hours going from and into work, and 2 hours at home when I have nothing to do. The other 19 hours are spent on work (I can just use my PC for listening to my music), sleeping, eating, watching TV and doing other stuff that you don't need to play some music.

4. iPod doesn't have an integrated FM radio. I can't listen to Nicole Hiyala and Kris Tsuper's morning radio program on Love Radio. Jologs na kung jologs! I really find those guys funny and I want to start my day with a smile on my face. :D

5. I must not be comparing apples against oranges, but a cellphone is just better than a device doing just a single job. I need to spend my money wisely and not spend it on what is just "uso" or "in".

And the other features I like about my phone.
+ the 3.2 megapixel camera. Nice picture quality and feels like a stand-alone digital camera (half-press to autofocus, color/camera modes, etc.)
+ the wide screen, but it made the keypad smaller and harder to press. I'm getting used to it though.
+ internet connection using SMART's 3G service. 10pesos/30 minutes. Not bad for a 480kbps connection.
+ the best and coolest snake game ever!
+ great sound quality coming out of it's two speakers.
+ built-in file manager. But I need to download another one to hide my "files". ;)
+ gallery slideshow, with matching background music, panning and zooming.
+ Adobe PDF reader (for readings/e-books on the go)

No, I'm not a Nokia dealer to advertise this phone. I'm just happy to have a new phone! You must know the feeling especially if you have a phone stuck with you for 4 long years. But I am still using my N3660. God of anti-cellphone theft and hold up, have mercy on us.

One more thing. Watch for an all new freeze ur mind, coming to you this...coming...I don't know. If I have time, a blog revamp. Plus, photo blogging! I always wanted to take photography lessons. Now I'm going to learn it the hard way. :)


lotus said...

wow byte! ang yaman! palibre naman jan! hehehe.. wow.. san ka nagwowork??? wah..daan ka minsan sa tambayan! miss ko na jokes mo.. hehe! ingatan ang cellphone!!! =]

Anonymous said...

a word of caution: this phone becomes excruciatingly slow especially when loaded with much data. my mom currently owns one and after 2 months of average use, gahd, the software really sucks. when she receives a new SMS message, it takes 20 seconds before it opens.

nokia + symbian = disaster.

anyway, i hope it's just an isolated case.

Geek in the Pink said...

Ayos pre, i really like that phone...Congrats!

brainfreeze said...

musta na bit? sa makati ako nagwowork. dalaw ako minsan. :)

i think every phone loaded with too much stuff will really get slow ^.^ thanks for the reminder though. I'll try to leave a lot of free memory.

@geek in the pink
thanks! sana lang hindi mawala kagad. :)

aryo said...

Uy isama mo na ko sa dadalawin mo, he he. Nway, ganda naman laruan niyan.

Doubting Thomas said...

that was my dream phone -- last year. hehe.

i should've bought n73 instead of my fone... if only i wasn;t short of budget last year... may ebook reader pala yan. kailangang kailangan ko nyang fone na yan.

so how's the image quality?

brainfreeze said...

sure! bisita ako kapag may time.

@doubting thomas
the image quality is good. 3.2 MP! lumalabo lang kapag nasa digital zoom level na. feels like a stand-alone camera talaga, kasi nasa horizontal position dapat yung phone mo kapag kukuha ka ng pic. :)

CokskiBlue said...

What do you mean the hard way? Ur taking photography lessons? Cool.

Kaka-excite yung blog revamp a. Keep us updated! :D


Pag binabasa ko 'tong post mo, parang gusto ko itapon yung phone ko. Haha.

brainfreeze said...

pag nagkapera. haha! tsaka hindi ko alam kung saan. kung mayroong scheds sa weekend, y not?

wag mo naman itapon yung phone. sayang. bigay mo na lang sakin.hehe