Monday, October 16, 2006

Battle of!


Two singing competitions. Two different contestants. Two words: They suck!

Let's compare the two of the most popular singing (?) sensations of the hottest singing competitions today. Kris Abrenica (Pinoy Dream Academy) and Miguel Mendoza (Philippine Idol).

Kris has an R&B style in his voice. A Kris Lawrence copycat. Cannot hit the high notes. Butchered a lot of songs, especially Josh Groban's She's out of my Life. I can sing better than him, especially when taking a bath.
I can't find Miguel's style. Pa-tweetums effect balladeer? Made a mess during the Soul and R&B week. Not one of the "more deserving one's " to make it to Idol. Voice is not that mature enough.
I can sing better than him, especially when taking a bath.

ROUND 1 WINNER: DRAW (I really can't tell. I can't stand listening to them both!)

Kris is cute "daw". Saved by text votes for 3 FREAKING TIMES, even if he had one of the worst performances.
Miguel is cute "daw". Sailed through the Final 12 because of his looks and maybe because of the LaSalle Community. Looks like a chinito gay guy.

ROUND 2 WINNER: DRAW (hindi ako sanay tumingin ng cute.)

ROUND 3: TALENTS ASIDE FROM SINGING (may talent sa singing?)
Kris: Piano and Guitar (from the Pinoy Dream Academy official site). And Kris can dance too, judging from his performance last Saturday.
Miguel: Piano, guitar and a little drums (from the Philippine Idol official site)

ROUND 3 WINNER: DRAW (3-3. its a tie)

Kris: May be built up for acting. Star Magic perhaps?
Miguel: Baka kunin ng GMA para pantapat kay Kristoff.Or ilagay ng ABC5 sa Ripley's Believe it or Not pampalit kay Raymond Bagatsing!


BOTTOM LINE: Wala lang. gusto ko lang mang-olats ng tao. XD

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tristanjed said...

si Kristoff ay nasa Super Inggo.
si Miguel ay nasa Idol pa.
silang dalawa ay magaling magpiano.